Hartland Absalute

(Saddleback Salute X Most of All by Bro-Rock March On)
bay mare f. 19


ooooooooooooooooooooooo Along with UVM Windemere (in foal to UVM Tennyson), Hartland Absalute was the first Morgan exported to Holland. Theo Van Elteran subsequently purchased Equinox Sequence to breed to his mares. In the Netherlands, Abby has been used for carriage driving and for dressage. In this recent photo she is being ridden by Suzan Houtepen, who has become quite a fan of the Morgans.

After producing a number of warmblood/Morgan crosses in Holland, in 2008 Abby relocated to Belgium where we expect her to produce her first full-blooded Morgan babies. Fortunately she comes from a long-lived family-- her dam had her last foal at age 25!

Absalute in Holland
0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 photo by Joost Slingenbergh
photo by Joost Slingenbergh

at age 3
Abby is shown here at age 3, just before she entered quarantine in preparation for shipment to the Netherlands.

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