Stephen Herz & Christine Gelineau
787 New York Route 79
Windsor, NY 13865
(607) 655-2604


Steve & Christine with Hartland Emotion

Established 1972.

Our goal at Hartland Morgans is to produce a beautiful, sound, athletic horse that looks unmistakably Morgan. Since the versatility of the breed is a quality we admire, we don't much care what each of our foals is good at, so long as they're good at something--or better still, good at several things.

Over the years, Hartland Morgans have excelled in many arenas, from the many divisions of the modern Morgan show ring, to the various sport disciplines to which Morgans are suited such as carriage driving, dressage, and competitive and pleasure trail riding.

The web is a convenient place for us to compile a history of our farm and we're happy to share that story with interested readers. Check back soon for a link that will bring you information and photos from our more than three decades of involvement with the Morgan horse.